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Project 25 is dedicated to ending

sexual exploitation by 2025

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Ending Sexual Exploitation by 2025

Project 25 was created to bring awareness and develop resources to take a stand against those who exploit, traffic, and rape for profit in our communities. With your help, we bring together business leaders, law enforcement, survivors, government and agencies to advocate and transform the culture to end human trafficking. Understanding how this crime happens and providing resources to those on the front lines is critical to accomplish our vision…
“A world in which sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and modern day slavery are non-existent by 2025.”
Project 2025 works in collaboration with many local, state, federal, and global entities to develop a strategy to protect the innocent and stop the perpetrators. By making strategic connections to fill existing gaps we serve those who are unserved.
Protecting innocence is everyone’s job and there are two ways Project 25 does that.


How We Help

Our Efforts

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Support Law Enforcement

Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST) provides resources to local law enforcement throughout Arizona to combat sex trafficking and develop a collaborative approach that engages all of our stakeholders. The networks built through strategic partnerships target sexual exploitation crimes and environments to eliminate sex trafficking. We provide funding for cutting edge training, technology for analysts, and solutions for community members needing awareness and information.


Resetting the culture for boys and men.

99% of buyers are men- whether they are buying girls or boys. In a world where hooking up is becoming the norm, changing that paradigm to have respectful, thoughtful relationships is an uphill battle. The hyper-sexualization of our society, especially geared towards minors, is corrupting youth and innocence. Restoring those boundaries is a critical mission to AzMen. Teaching that respect is integrity and integrity is key to being successful. Men can transform how they treat women, other men, and children in order to have a world that is safe and in which sex is not used as a weapon.

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Your Donations Can Help Us


The only way Project 25 will end sexual exploitation in the Valley is with your help in funding and supporting these efforts. Please donate or if you want to find out more information or others ways you can help, sign up or contact us at

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